Feeling Off After Changing Your Diet? Here’s Why and What to Do

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Feeling Off After Changing Your Diet? Here’s Why and What to Do

I remember the very first time I cleaned up my diet. Trust me there are many times I’ve had to do this and there will be many more!

I felt like crud. I had a headache, my stomach wasn’t happy, and I was (to say the least) super grouchy.

The good news is, those feelings went away pretty quickly.

But the fact is, feeling a little “off” after changing your diet is pretty common, and it can catch you by surprise ….

Because how could you feel worse when you are taking steps to feel better?

If it happens to you, here are a few possible causes:

Detox symptoms: When you change the way you eat, your body has to get used to it. This can cause headaches, fatigue, and irritability. The good news is, this is usually temporary and you’ll start feeling better as your body gets used to the new foods.

More fiber than you’re used to: If you have been eating a low-fiber diet and suddenly start loading up on it, it can take your digestive system a while to adjust. Try gradually increasing the amount of fiber you eat instead of making big changes.

Dehydration: It's important to drink enough water throughout the day (especially if you boost your fiber). If you're not getting enough fluids, you might start to feel worse.

Lack of planning: It can be harder to stick to a healthy diet if you're not planning and preparing your meals in advance! This can make it harder to eat enough food and/or eat balanced meals.

Just keep in mind that it takes time for your body to get used to a new way of eating.

Also: If it keeps up, check in with your healthcare provider!

Understanding Diet Change Discomfort: Tips from Adam Clark Fitness

Experiencing a rocky transition after revamping your diet? You’re not alone. At Adam Clark Fitness, we recognize that embarking on a healthier eating journey can sometimes lead to unexpected side effects. But fear not, understanding why you might feel a bit off and how to navigate these challenges is key to staying on track with your wellness goals.

Detox Symptoms: Transitioning to a cleaner diet can trigger detox symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and irritability as your body adjusts to the change. Rest assured, these discomforts are typically short-lived and signify your body's adaptation to healthier food choices.

Fiber Overload: Suddenly increasing your fiber intake can throw your digestive system for a loop, causing temporary discomfort. To ease this transition, gradually incorporate fiber-rich foods into your diet rather than making abrupt changes.

Dehydration Dilemma: Proper hydration is crucial, especially when upping your fiber intake. Insufficient fluid intake can exacerbate discomfort, so be sure to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day.

Meal Planning Matters: Lack of meal planning can sabotage your efforts to maintain a healthy diet. Without a well-thought-out plan, you may struggle to consume balanced meals consistently. Investing time in meal prep ensures you have nutritious options readily available, minimizing the likelihood of slipping back into unhealthy eating habits.

Remember, adjusting to a new way of eating takes time. Stay patient and listen to your body's cues. And if persistent discomfort persists, don't hesitate to seek guidance from your healthcare provider.

At Adam Clark Fitness, we're here to support you every step of the way on your journey to better health and wellness. Let's overcome these obstacles together and pave the way for a healthier, happier you.

Guiding You Through Every Step of the Way!

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