How Core Strength and Posture Impact Digestion

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How Core Strength and Posture Impact Digestion

Welcome to our cozy chat about a topic close to home: digestion. At Adam Clark Fitness, we're all about simple ways to feel better every day, and today, we're talking about how your posture and core strength can make a big difference in how you digest your food.

  1. Heartburn & Slow Digestion Ever felt that burning sensation after a meal? Slouching can make it worse by pushing on your stomach and causing acid reflux, where stomach acid moves up into your throat. Plus, sitting hunched over might slow down how quickly food moves through your system, leaving you feeling sluggish.


  3. Incontinence Let's talk about bladder troubles. Slouching can put pressure on your bladder, making leaks more likely. When you hunch over, it's harder for your muscles to hold everything in, leading to those embarrassing moments.


  5. Smooth Movements Now, onto a less glamorous topic – going to the bathroom. Slouching can make it harder to go, leading to constipation and discomfort. Sitting up straight and maybe propping your feet up a bit can make things easier.

By focusing on keeping your core strong and sitting up straight, you can help your digestion run smoothly.

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