Embrace the Journey: Your Fitness Progress is Not Linear

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Embrace the Journey: Your Fitness Progress is Not Linear

I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend and are ready to rock and roll, crushing this week and the second half of the year! Let's dive into an important lesson I shared with a member the other day, which is crucial for everyone on their fitness journey to understand.

The Reality of Fitness Progress

While training, I recommended a member reduce the weight on a particular exercise. They had just completed a hard workout the day before, it was a busy week for them, and their body just wasn’t feeling it. She mentioned feeling like she was going backward if she wasn’t increasing her weights and reps.

This was a perfect learning opportunity, and it’s something everyone needs to hear: Progress is never linear.

Life Happens

As much as we want our fitness journey to be a straight line of improvement, that’s not how life works. You will hit roadblocks. There are days when your energy levels aren’t there. There are days when you may be sick and not feeling well. Sometimes, your body reaches a limit on an exercise. It is what it is, and a lot of that stuff we CANNOT control.

When we changed our training system to track weights and personalize your exercise program, it was to help you get better results, and I am 100% behind that it has. HOWEVER, I understand that we want to see a new max and increase weights and reps, but that just isn’t possible sometimes.

Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story

I know that can be a hard concept to grasp because we always want to be improving. BUT that number or your output doesn’t tell the whole story.

In my first book, “Play Like a Champion Every Day: Your Guide to Being Your Best You,” I talked about this concept of bringing your “A-Game.”

What is Your "A-Game"?

When you think of your “A-Game,” you probably think of winning, right? Even the greats don’t win every game. Tom Brady didn’t win every game. Michael Jordan didn’t win every game. There were losses along the way. It’s just not possible to win EVERY time, even if you bring your “A-Game.”

What your “A-Game” is, is bringing your best effort on that given day. Let’s face it, some days just showing up and checking the box is going to be that, AND THAT’S OKAY. You’re not going to feel 100% and be ready to crush new maxes every day.

The Importance of Showing Up

What’s important, though, is showing up. Imagine this: You are feeling 100% and ready to crush it 75 days out of the year. Well, there are 365 days in the year, so are you going to just not show up on all those other days?

What if, on 75 of those other days, you are feeling just okay, and your “A-Game” is just showing up and checking the box? I am willing to bet my net worth (which is mostly dumbbells and kettlebells) that just by showing up and checking the box on those 75 days, instead of not showing up at all, you will 100% get better results than just showing up those 75 days when you are feeling awesome.

Build Resilience

It’s easy to quit on days you aren’t feeling it. It’s the days when you don’t want to do it but then do it that make the MOST difference. You will do it because you ARE NOT a quitter. Show up anyway. Bring your “A-Game.” Not only will you develop better habits and get better results, but you will also become more resilient.

Do It for Yourself

You deserve to show up for yourself. Embrace the journey, with all its ups and downs. You’re building a better, stronger, and more resilient you every single day, one workout at a time.

Stay strong and keep pushing forward!

Guiding You Through Every Step of the Way!

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